While guiding a real estate project through completion, we dispel the mystery from the process to assure the client can become fully informed of all decisions. We become trustworthy advocates, advising our clients in myriad aspects of the development process, including due diligence, financial analysis, team building, project scheduling, and cost management. Our track record includes successfully completing projects ranging from out-of-the-ground developments to interior renovations.

At Cirgenski+Capalino we provide thoughtful, hands-on development management:

  • We represent the owner's interests, providing clear explanations and expert foresight.
  • We prepare and manage schedules, budgets, and cash flows.
  • We hire and manage all project multi-discipline consultant teams.
  • We identify the roles and responsibilities and scope of services of the project team.
  • We conduct and record meetings and document project progress throughout all phases.
  • We help to obtain all project entitlements, permits and agreements.
  • We manage project vision, branding and design.
  • We supervise public outreach processes.
  • We form partnerships with financial institutions, builders and communities.
  • We thoroughly enjoy what we do and have fun doing it!


Listen: We believe that before we begin any project we must listen to the needs and desires of the communities we work with. Before any ideas or plans are prepared, local interests must be heard. This is done through neighborhood meetings, design charrettes, one-on-one interviews and considerable community outreach.

Understand:  We look at demographics, psychographics, and other indicators to understand the market; we look at the project’s opportunities and constraints, infrastructure needs, living patterns, nature, economics, etc. We always ask: Who are the end users and how will they live and thrive in the places we develop?

Imagine:  We believe that to create truly wonderful places that will last for generations we must dream big and stretch our imaginations to the fullest. All ideas are examined and carefully considered by the project team and key stakeholders.

Frame: Once the best ideas are collected, the project’s intent and Vision will be framed. Realistic goals will be set; budgets and timelines will be agreed upon.

Strategize: Once the Vision is understood and agreed upon we will form a project “Road Map” to ensure its successful journey from concept to execution.

Implement:  We will lead and manage the development process through planning and construction by coordinating the project team, tackling issues as they inevitably arise and representing the owner's interest every step of the way.